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Educated Advisors Pursuing Excellence

You want to expand the practice you have built. You have the skills to obtain new clients, service your
book of business, and deliver financial planning, and you see opportunities to move from good to great.
Consequently, you see a growing team as integral to accomplishing this. But you are concerned whether
your skills are best used to address the complexities that your envisioned growth will bring instead of
focusing on growing your clients. Box Financial Advisors provides the support and staff a growing advisor
needs to focus on growing their book of business while expanding the services they provide to their

Accelerate your Advisory Business

The landscape for financial planners is constantly evolving. Most advisors have begun delivering financial
planning and investment advisory services under a fee-based advisory agreement. At Box Financial
Advisors we have developed systems and processes to support our advisors with advisory business. We
help each advisor remain focused on the activities that they enjoy most – meeting clients and helping
them solve complex financial problems. This allows our advisors to have the capacity for obtaining new
clients and increasing the quality of advisory business they deliver.

Out of the Box Thinking

Take hold of your future and challenge the status quo.  We use an entrepreneurial approach to
investment portfolios, technology platforms, marketing strategies, along with internal and external
communications. Our goal is to embrace the freedom of independence and allow our advisors to own
their business while appreciating the full-services of the Box Financial Advisors team. This unique
approach has embraced the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our advisors and enhanced the
support that the entire organization can appreciate.