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Advisors Who Want More Flexibility and Growth Before Retirement

You have reached the pinnacle of your career and want to enjoy the last chapter of your career with as
few administrative headaches as possible. You know how to find great clients and deliver valuable
planning strategies. Your time is limited, and you wish to spend more of it on your family, hobbies, and
recreation.  Aligning with a qualified team of professionals provides you a deep bench and a natural
succession plan.  

The Practice You Have Built and the Families you Care for

You are the most valuable component to your clients’ financial plans.  The wisdom you share with each
family you serve is irreplaceable. You have been there for families when they received an inheritance,
retired on time, sold their business, or lost a loved one too soon.  Because you have been so valuable to
your clients, they have become valuable to you. As you finish your professional career, Box Financial
Advisors will provide valuable planning strategies backed up with systems, processes, and people who
will continue caring for your clients.

Preserving your Legacy and Successfully Retiring

You have spent a lifetime developing a profitable, professional financial planning practice. Developing a
well-thought succession plan allows you to execute on a timeframe that is right for you. As you prepare
to enjoy the success of your career, let Box Financial Advisors serve as your succession plan. We have
assisted several advisors transition the clients they care so much about into a world where the client
feels they never missed a beat in the quality and care they receive. Box Financial Advisors will never
replace the relationship the clients have with you, but we will be sure that the clients are taken care of
as you enjoy the time in your life that you have helped so many of them reach.