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Investment Committee Update - 2019 Q2 

True Sounds of the Economy

No one likes the sound of a broken record. The constant repeating of the same word or sound can drive one crazy. Wow! I still remember how upset I was when my little brother put a scratch on my Karen Carpenter record. For the rest of the week, I made sure he didn't play with anything of mine. That lasted until I learned the “true” lesson on forgiveness.

Like a scratch on a record or the iconic movie Groundhog Day, it sometimes feels like we have a “scratch” in the US economy — every quarter, we hear the same sound. Will the economy continue with its low, slow growth or will it finally be able to step into the growth that we have been expecting for the last several years? Indeed, many things have changed, yet many things are the same. It seems repetitive. The key to cutting through the uncertainty and volatility and find the true sounds from the economy is to focus on what the fundamentals are saying about where we are in the economic cycle.