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Investment Committee Update - 2021 Q2

Challenges Bring Changes

My son, Austin, finally turned 16. After years of anticipation and saving for a car, the day was finally here, and when we went out to look for a good, cheap, used car, there were none to be found. COVID-19 already delayed Austin’s behind the wheel training by 4 months and now it was affecting his ability to enjoy one of the many joys of life — buying his first car. We went from one dealership to the next and in complete defeated exasperation Austin looked at me with his lower lip quivering saying, “Dad, I’ve toiled my whole life to save for this day, what’s next?”

Austin’s experience is a micro example of all the things COVID-19 has taken from us over the last year. We have heard your collective stories of vacations cancelled, experiences missed, and sadly, loved ones lost. But now as the vaccine continues to be rolled out and optimism begins to take hold in all our hearts, we begin to look forward to taking back what was lost.

On March 23, the Evergiven, a massive shipping vessel, became stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking shipping for 6 days. This ship prevented all shipping activity just as COVID -19 prevented many activities. Unfortunately, even now when the ship is free, all trade will not resume immediately as normal. There is a period when all the backlogs must be worked off. This is what we expect for 2021 as businesses reopen, people are rehired and an avalanche of demand for things and experiences flood the marketplace.