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Let your Journey Start Here

You want to develop experience and knowledge in the financial planning industry. You see your future
as a financial professional, helping clients solve complex financial problems. The idea of working with a
team to pursue excellence and provide an exceptional life for others excites you. Let Box Financial
Advisors help you begin your journey towards becoming the Financial Professional you aspire to be.

Entering Financial Planning Profession with Purpose

How will someone new to the industry get potential clients to put their faith in them? How will you
learn how to be a financial planner beyond book knowledge? Additionally, the financial planning
industry has many unique rules and guidelines. How will you navigate the complicated compliance and
regulations in your early years of the profession? Box Financial Advisors will help point you in the right
direction. We help our residents get the proper access to the education that is relevant and necessary to
becoming a Financial Professional who helps people experience an exceptional life.

Aspiring Advisors

You find great joy in helping people and the idea of being able to assist people for a living excites you.
Becoming a Financial Advisor can allow you to be there for clients during their biggest moments
whether planning for a first child, starting a college savings plan, or helping through the passing of a
loved one, you play a pivotal role in these transitional moments. You want to be a Financial Planning
Professional, and Box Financial Advisors can provide you with the tools to help get you there.