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Cyrus Shabaz, CFP

Cyrus Shabaz, CFP

Financial Advisor

Cyrus S. Shabaz CFP® has been a financial advisor with Box Financial Advisors since attaining his CFP® (Certified Financial Planner™) designation in 2002. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management from Hamline University in 1992.

Cyrus began his financial services career in 1993 working with institutional money management firms across the twin cities as an investment analyst and trader. He started out buying and selling commercial paper and treasure bills. Exceling quickly, he was added as an assistant to private placement team. Cyrus was fortunate in his career to be on the Municipal, Corporate, and Securities Lending trading desk as a trader. Understanding of so many facets of investments really helped position Cyrus in a huge way for a career as a financial planner. As an advisor Cyrus practices in the areas of retirement, investment and estate planning. More specifically, Cyrus seeks to help people who are in “transition.” People in transition are those who are planning for or in the middle of a major change in their life, such as retirement, the loss of a spouse, selling a business or estate planning for the next generation.

Cyrus was born and raised in Minnesota and now calls Lakeville, MN home. Growing up with strong Minnesota values and the son of a CPA (David Shabaz, CPA) he combines practical advice with a conservative mindset to guide his clients.

Cyrus finds his greatest enjoyment is spending time with his two children, Sophia and Austin. His motto with is family is to “Make Every Day Count”. Cyrus enjoys being an active member of River Valley Church there you will find him front and center.  He says “he doesn’t want to miss anything so we sit in the front seats”. When Cyrus is not with his kids or involved with River Valley you may find him on the golf course at Bracketts Crossing “enjoying the whole course”. Cyrus' golf motto is: “Golf is God’s way to keep us humble.”

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