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Box Financial Advisors is a small but fast-growing wealth management firm that is very clear in what we do, why we do it, and how we execute. When this is done well, we believe it can bring about a very rewarding work environment.

What (Our Purpose)- The thoughtful accumulation of assets under management. 

Why (Our Mission)- To help people experience a more Exceptional Life.

How (Our Values)-  Faith, Trust, Excellence, Care 

  • Faith: To support a worldview that honors God and anticipates a hopeful outcome.
  • Trust: To act with complete integrity and ensure each client’s interest is our only interest.
  • Excellence: To skillfully provide creative solutions with white-glove service.
  • Care: To know clients and colleagues personally and care for them beyond their finances.


Expectations from Employees: Commitment, Competency, Consistency

  • Commitment: dedication to our purpose, mission, and values.
  • Competency: having the skills necessary to fulfill the job requirements and the desire to continue to improve those skills in the future with the goal of mastery.
  • Consistency: doing your work in a trusted manner, on time, and with a level of excellence others have come to expect.


Purpose: We want to give you a place not only to have a job but also to make a difference. Through teamwork, BFA is a company that helps people every day to live more exceptional lives.

Mastery: We believe there is a great benefit to you to know that you are a complete master of your work’s subject. As a company we support your growth as you work towards mastering your skills.

Autonomy: While we believe in the power of in-person teamwork and collaboration, we also want to give our staff time to work on projects they are interested and passion about. We give you resources to be able to work on projects that can bring significant personal growth as you see your creative work come to life in the firm.

Compensation: We have a very competitive compensation package for all our employees, which includes base salary, bonuses, 6% match to the 401k, 100% paid health insurance, and other benefits.

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