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Pershing E-Delivery & Log-In Assistance

NetXInvestor gives you the capability to discontinue paper delivery, check account balances, view account activity, and more!

For questions about the log in process or if you get locked out, please call Cetera at 888-406-5444, Option 5 – Online Services.

How to Sign Up

Choose one of the two options below to sign up for online account access for your Pershing accounts: 

  1. Do It Yourself – Use the self-registration option.
  2. Assisted – Print, complete, and submit the NetXInvestor Client Request form to Bekah by email at or by fax to 612-313-7524.

Go Paperless/E-Delivery

Pershing has a paper surcharge of $1.00 per paper statement.
Once you have access to your accounts, be sure to select Go Paperless then follow the prompts to choose which documents to be e-delivered.

Note: By firm-default when clients sign up for NetXInvestor, they are generally set up for e-delivery for all Statements and Reports as well as Trade Confirmations.
Other documents you may wish to set up e-delivery for are Notifications, Tax Documents, Prospectus, and Proxy/Shareholder Communications.

Identity Verification Code - Helpful Tips

Click here for help setting up your Identity Verification Code (IVC).

  • Forget your NetXInvestor password?

No problem. Access your account with an Identity Verification Code (IVC). If you forget your password or if you are trying to access your account from an unrecognized device, you can have an activation code sent to your phone or email instantly and securely.

  • What is the Identity Verification Code?

The identity verification process replaces security questions to verify your identity when accessing NetXInvestor. If you’re locked out of NetXInvestor after entering the wrong password (on a recognized device), or if you’re accessing your account on an unrecognized computer, an IVC code is sent to your preselected phone number or email address upon request. The IVC can be sent to a phone via voice or SMS (text message) or via e-mail.

  • What are the benefits of the identity verification system?

Not only does the IVC protect your online information from unauthorized access, but the code saves you time and hassle. The IVC allows you to regain access to your account any time of day, without having to call someone to request access.

  • NetXInvestor Mobile

Use the same user ID and password for NetXInvestor Mobile.
Downloaded the NetXInvestor Mobile application directly to your mobile device from the app store by searching for "NetXInvestor Mobile".