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Amanda Sybrant

Amanda Sybrant

Business Processing Unit Lead

Amanda joined Box Financial Advisors in July of 2019 as a Client Service Associate. She transitioned over to her current position as the Business Processing Unit Lead when the Business Processing Unit was created in 2021. Her primary role is processing new accounts as well as general operational activities. 

Amanda entered the financial industry at the age of 20 as an intern and moved to Minneapolis, MN from her northern Minnesota hometown with a population of 1,200. She has found a passion for the financial industry and helping others meet their goals to lead to their exceptional life. Amanda graduated with an Accounting and Business Administration degree and is a member of the Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business (IMA) as well as the Forbes Fellowship Program.

Being an advocate for mental health, Amanda has a passion for developing strong relationships in both her professional and personal life. She is dedicated to supporting others with the goal of leading them to be peaceful, complete, and whole. She is known to be outgoing, smiling and starting up conversation. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys kayaking, finding new hiking trails, traveling, watching documentaries and being an aunt to her nieces and nephews. Amanda has a love for animals and spoiling her cat, O’Malley.